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AR 670-1: 3–6. Uniform appearance and fit

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a. Appearance.

1. All personnel will maintain a high standard of professional dress and appearance. Uniforms will fit properly; the proper fitting of uniforms is provided in DA Pam 670–1. Personnel must keep uniforms clean, serviceable, and rollpressed, as necessary. Soldiers must project a military image that leaves no doubt that they live by a common military standard and uphold military order and discipline.

2. Consider the following when wearing items on uniforms:

  • Keys or key chains will not be attached to the uniform on the belt, belt loops, or waistband, unless they are not visible (to include making a bulky appearance under the uniform). When authorized by the commander, Soldiers may attach visible keys or key chains to the uniform when performing duties such as charge of quarters, armorer, duty officer or noncommissioned officer (NCO), or other similar duties.
  • Soldiers may wear an electronic device on the belt, belt loops, or waistband of the uniform. Only one electronic device (for example, cell phone) may be worn. The body of the device may not exceed the size of a Government issued electronic device, and the device and carrying case must be black; no other colors are authorized. If security cords or chains are attached to the device, Soldiers will conceal the cord or chain from view. Other types of electronic devices are not authorized for wear on the uniform, unless medically prescribed. If the commander issues and requires the use of other electronic devices in the performance of duties, the Soldier will carry them in the hand, pocket, briefcase, purse, bag, or some other carrying container.
  • Soldiers will not wear keys, key chains, or electronic devices on the uniform when the commander determines such wear is inappropriate (such as in formation or during parades or ceremonies).
  • Soldiers will not walk while engaged in activities that would interfere with the hand salute and greeting of the day or detract from a professional image. Examples include, but are not limited to, walking while eating, using electronic devices, or smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Soldiers are not authorized to wear wireless or non-wireless devices/earpieces while wearing Army uniforms. Hands-free devices while operating a personal, commercial, or military vehicle (to include a motorcycle or bicycle) are allowed if not otherwise prohibited by policy or law in accordance with AR 385–10.

3. While in uniform, personnel will not place their hands in their pockets, except momentarily to place or retrieve objects. Soldiers will keep uniforms buttoned, zipped, and snapped. They will ensure that metallic devices such as metal insignia, belt buckles, and belt tips are free of scratches and corrosion and properly polished or properly subdued, as applicable. Soldiers will ensure all medals and ribbons are clean and not frayed. Personnel will keep boots and shoes cleaned and/or shined, as appropriate. Soldiers will replace the insignia listed in AR 700–84 when it becomes unserviceable or no longer conforms to standards.

4. Lapels and sleeves of service, dress, and mess coats and jackets will be roll-pressed, without creasing. Skirts will not be creased. Trousers, slacks, and the sleeves of shirts and blouses will be creased. Personnel are not authorized to sew military creases into the uniform.

5. Although some uniform items are made of wash-and-wear materials, or are treated with a permanent-press finish, Soldiers may need to press these items to maintain a neat, military appearance. However, before pressing or roll pressing uniform items, Soldiers should read and comply with care instruction labels attached to the items. Use of starch, sizing, and any process that involves dry-cleaning or steam pressing will adversely affect the treatments and durability of the wash-and-wear uniforms and is not authorized. See DA Pam 670–1 regarding specific guidance pertaining to each uniform.

b. Fit. Instructions for fit of uniforms are contained in DA Pam 670–1.