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We’ve recruited a few car care experts to give us their opinion on the best car wax for most people. Hopefully this will help you sort through the dozens of potential options without wasting much time.

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Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

chemical guys butter wet waxWhat the heck is butter wet wax? That’s what we were wondering before we tried the Chemical Guys brand of wax by the same name.

No, it doesn’t contain butter. But it does go on smooth and buff out easily.

Like other car waxes we reviewed, this is made with Carnauba wax, polymers and resins.

The Carnauba wax will give your car or truck a deep wet look and last up to 6 weeks. Chemical Guys like to point out that this wax offers more UVA and UVB protection than previous versions of their Butter Wet Wax.

One reason we liked the Butter Wet Wax is that it comes in a squeezable tube instead of a small container. This allowed us to easily add the right amount of wax to our applicator as needed.

Also, unlike other brands of paste wax we reviewed, this style goes on evenly without too much waste.

Another unique benefit of this wax is that you can apply it to a wet car – no drying needed. The wax simply displaces the water on the surface as you apply it.

If you’re a fan of other Chemical Guys products, you may want to give this wax a shot.

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P21S Concours Carnauba Wax

p21s 12700w carnauba wax reviewP21S Concours Carnuaba wax is a paste that must be applied with an applicator and buffed to a shine.

Carnauba wax is taken from the leaves of the Brazilian Carnauba palm tree (Copernicia prunifera). This wax creates a high-gloss finish, making it a popular ingredient in car wax, surfboard wax and shoe polish.

Due to the simple packaging, the P21S brand doesn’t get as much attention as flashier brands such as Meguiar’s. However, this wax is highly regarded among auto enthusiasts.

A few of the reasons Carnauba wax is so popular include the fact that it produces a nice shine and will not damage plastic or rubber trim.

Wolfgang Füzion Carnauba Polymer Estate Wax

wolfgang fuzion carnauba estate waxWant to turn heads when you drive through the neighborhood? Then you’ll want to try Wolfgang’s Fuzion Carnauba Polymer Estate Wax.

It’s made from a special blend of Carnauba wax, German Super Polymers and a few other top secret ingredients.

Why does Wolfgang make such a big deal about their German Super Polymers and what are they exactly?

A polymer is “a large molecule composed of many repeated subunits“. What makes them an important ingredient in car wax is the fact that these polymers naturally align themselves into organized patterns. Polymers are what help keep the wax in place and protect your vehicle’s paint from damage.

A Super Polymer is a synthetic polymer that has been modified in some way. We’ll probably never know what changes Wolfgang made to the polymer – that’s their trade secret.

Although it is more expensive than other waxes we reviewed, you’ll still get about 8 to 10 uses out of this 3 oz container. That’s enough wax to keep your car looking great for over a year.

Like a few other carnauba waxes we reviewed, this wax does not contain any cleaners. That means it is safe to use on black trim and will not leave a white residue.


  • Wash and dry your car
  • Apply a thin, even coat of wax with a foam applicator.
  • Wipe off the wax with a clean, soft microfiber towel.

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Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish Sealant

liquid glass lg100 car wax reviewWhen researching the best car wax, Liquid Glass LG-100 (check price) appears frequently at the top of many “best of” lists.

Ironically it’s not even a wax!

According to the manufacturer it doesn’t contain wax, oil, grease, acrylic or Teflon. Instead it is primarily made of crystal clear carbon. Unlike wax, Liquid Glass will produce a hard and smooth surface when applied.

However, it will not crack, peel, chip or turn yellow after it’s applied.

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