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ITP Bajacross Tire Review

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The ITP Bajacross Tire is an excellent choice for those looking to handle rough terrain with ease.

It features an 8-ply rating and has a 25% stronger construction yielding the most rugged and durable tire yet! The Bajacross also features an innovative overlapping tread pattern making for a smooth and predictable ride.

All of this combines to make the Bajacross ITP’s highest mileage tire to date!

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Tough and Puncture-Resistant

itp bajacross tiresITP’s new eight-ply BajaCross tires are claimed to be the company’s toughest, longest-wearing, most puncture-resistant ATV tires yet.

ITP says the BajaCross carcass allows this ruggedly built tire to offer a comfortable ride, too. The rubber compound and overlapping tread design were specially developed to extend tread life even in harsh, hard terrain and rocks.

Stepped lugs provide crisp tread edges for consistent traction as the tire wears. Wrap-around lugs help add traction in ruts and protect the sidewall. Deep rim guards protect wheels from damage.

Low Price

As you might expect, the ITP Bajacross Tire is not an economy tire. Surprisingly, its price is right in line with other premium aftermarket tires, and actually lower than some.

The tough, eight-ply rated BajaCross rides well for such a sturdy tire. Stepped tread exposes fresh, sharp knob edges as the tire wears. Sidewall tread and thick rim guards keep wheels ding and nick-free.

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Improved Cornering Performance

The ITP Bajacross Tire gives much-needed traction, and acceleration even more incredible on a large utility quad. Cornering performance improved, too.

The ITP’s don’t flex nearly as much as stock tires, so turning is much more crisp and direct.

The ITP’s even have an edge in sloppy conditions, probably because their tread is more open and aggressive than stock tires. Considering the time we logged on the tires on hard pack, sandstone and jagged rock, wear was minimal. ITP truly has an exceptionally long-lasting tire here.

Exceptional Value

The ITP Bajacross Tire is everything ITP claims it is, which is great news for sport utility ATV riders and UTV drivers who ride in punishing conditions and want exceptionally long life from their tires.

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