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Kenda Bearclaw K299 Tire Reviews

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kenda bearclaw k299 atv tireWhy am I loving the Kenda Bearclaw 299 tire?

Because it offers great traction at an awesome price.

Not to mention, it can be used on a wide range of vehicles like ATVs, UTVs and even farm equipment.

This tire will go anywhere.

Normally in my reviews I like to cover both the good and bad aspects of tires. Unfortunately, when I created a pro and cons list about the Bearclaw it was very lopsided with positives.

And, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

After reading hundreds of positive reviews online, it’s clear that Kenda has produced a great tire that everybody loves.

First, the Kenda 299 is an aggressive tire designed to help you get traction in the toughest conditions. It features a tread design with angled knobs that dig into the terrain for maximum traction.

Unlike other inexpensive mud tires that have a uniform tread design, the Bearclaw was specifically designed by Kenda engineers to outperform its competitors.

8-9″ Wheels 10″ Wheels 11″ Wheels 12″ Wheels
kenda bearclaw k299 atv tire kenda bearclaw k299 atv tire kenda bearclaw k299 atv tire kenda bearclaw k299 atv tire
22X12-8 22X8-10 23X8-11 24X8-12
22X12-9 22X12-10 24X9-11 25X8-12
25X12.5-9 23X7X10 25X8-11 25X10-12
23X10-10 25X10-11 25×12.50-12
24X11.00-10 25X12.5-11 26X9-12
25X12.5-10 26×11-R12

When looking at the tread pattern, you’ll notice that there are lugs that run down the center of the tire. These will help you get better traction and control in deep mud or slippery conditions.

But, if you will also be riding on hard surfaces like pavement or gravel, you can rest assured that these tires were built with a special long-range tread compound.

If you love your ATV as much as I do, you probably hate getting dings and dents in your wheels when you hit tough terrain. The Bearclaw features a built-in rim guard to protect your wheels from irritating dings.

The same side lugs that protect your wheels will also help you get out of steep ruts in the mud or along the trail.

These tires are heavy duty tires that will help you get where you need to go. When they arrive at your door you’ll notice the quality immediately because they weigh over 17 pounds each.

The heavy duty rubber will help you conquer the biggest obstacles you find, but it could hurt you bank account when you have to pay to have those tires sent to your house.

As you can see, not only is this tire highly rated but it also comes at a great price. The versatility of this mud tire is what makes it really stand out from the crowd. You can’t go wrong with a set of Kenda Bearclaw tires.