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Kenda Scorpion K290 Tire Reviews

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Need a tire that is both versatile and long lasting? Look no further than Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV tires. While these tires have a knobby profile that will help you get traction when you need it, they won’t tear up the grass when you don’t.

That’s great news for anyone that wants to use these on manicured grass, lawns or golf courses.

During my research I was surprised to see how many different ways the Kenda Scorpion tire can be used. Customers have left comments about how they have used this tire on ATVs, lawn mowers, golf carts, mini bikes and go carts. The options are almost endless.

So now that begs the question, how do you plan to use your K290 tires?

Although many photos on of this tire online show it mounted on a wheel, you are purchasing a tire without the rim. Keep this in mind if the added value was influencing your decision.

Wheel or no wheel, these tires are available for a great price on Amazon. Depending on the size, these tires weigh between 7 and 12 pounds.

Available tire sizes:

6-7″ Wheels 8″ Wheels 9″ Wheels 11″ Wheels
kenda scorpion k290 atv tires kenda scorpion k290 atv tires kenda scorpion k290 atv tires kenda scorpion k290 atv tires
14.5X7-6 18X9.50-8 25X12-9 24X9-11
16X8-7 19X7-8

So, why not order a set of Kenda Scorpion tires for your ride?

Whether your ride is an ATV, lawn mower or tractor, you’ll be in good company with many other satisfied customers. If you do order a set, send me a note – I’d love to hear what you think.

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