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Military Bases in Arkansas

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arkansas military basesThe military bases in Arkansas have 4,000 active duty members but the majority are Reserve Forces – over 11,700 in total.

All of these 15,000 service members are spread out over two military bases: Little Rock AFB and Fort Chaffee.

Air Force

Arkansas is clearly an important Air Force base location because out of the 4,100 active duty military members, 3,800 of them serve in the Air Force.

List of Air Force Bases in Arkansas
Name of Air Force Base Location
Little Rock AFB Jacksonville, AR


Although the Army has a small active duty presence in Arkansas, only 118 members, there are over 7,199 Army Guard and 1,900 Army Reserve members training in the state.

List of
Name of Location
Fort Chaffee Fort Smith, AR
Pine Bluff Arsenal Jefferson County, AR

As you can see from the tables above, Arkansas has very few bases and a limited number of active duty personnel living in the state. However, Arkansas has a substantial population of Reserve Forces with over 11,700 members serving in the Army Guard, Army Reserve and Air National Guard.